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Visit by our Chief Commissioner

Written by Lucas Loh

On 5 May 2023, our Chief Commissioner, Mr Desmond Chong, paid us a visit to understand how scouting in Catholic High is conducted. He was joined by the Assistant Chief Commissioner and two other National Commissioners. The visit comprised of engagement sessions with the Cub Scout, Scout and Venture units of the group along with various sharings by our Ventures with the guests. Our Principal, Vice-Principals and HOD of PE & CCA also joined us on the occasion.

Our Scout Group, less approximately 20 Ventures and 10 Rovers.


During the engagement session, our Chief Commissioner acknowledged that Catholic High Scout Group is one of the stronger Scout Troops in Singapore, and encouraged us to continue to outdo ourselves. Our Principal, Mr Poh Chun Leck, seconded this with the above quote by then Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung. Catholic High Scouting has always strived to do better and achieve excellence, and we were heartened by their words of encouragement.

In addition, he also noted that we are one of the few fully formed Scout Troops with all four units, namely the Cub Scout, Scout, Venture and Rover units. This gives us the advantage of being able to see through the development of youth from ages as young as nine into their early adulthood.

Finally, the Chief Commissioner called on us to support him in "uplifting Scouting for all" while continuing to achieve excellence in scouting. We welcomed his challenge, to continue our legacy as a pillar of the scouting scene in Singapore while maintaining our strength.

The Chief Commissioner engaging our Ventures and Rovers.


School support was also highlighted during the engagement as one of the key factors to the continued success of the Scout Group.

On the ground, teachers play an instrumental role in developing the boys and supporting programs initiated by Volunteer Adult Leaders. They also represent the best interests of the school and the Scout Troop to ensure sufficient support is provided to make outdoor education effective.

In addition, the School Leaders and wider teaching community at Catholic High also lend their support and understanding towards the Scout Troop to make sure our boys get the best Catholic High has to offer. Being the largest CCA in the school with over 200 members, the School Leaders agreed that additional support should be given to continue the good work we do here, be it in the form of facilities or funding.

Finally, Catholic High scouting has a strong of alumni to rely upon, which is a source of strength for the Scout Troop and the school. Being the oldest CCA (and for a period of time, only CCA) in Catholic High, the Scout Troop continues to be a family for which our alumni are strongly supportive of, giving us the networks we need to engage the best people to shape our boys into men.

Our guests touring our Scout Den, Campsite and QM Store.



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