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National Day 2023

Written by Josiah Chia and Law Jia Jun, Edited by Jaydon Tay

On 8 August 2023, Catholic High School celebrated Singapore's 58th Birthday on National Day. The Troop is proud of our Scouts for being an essential part of our school's National Day Observance Parade's marching contingent.

Our Scouts trained rigorously for over a month, enduring the hot sun and learning challenging drills. They gave their best in each training session, pushing themselves to their limits to get every step, arm swing, and turn right. The training was tough, but it would ensure that our marching displayed our deep respect for our Nation.

Below is a reflection from Josiah Chia, our 2023 Senior Patrol Leader and Contingent Commander for this year's parade:

"Last year, I had the privilege of participating in our school's National Day Observance Parade. It was a special moment as we emerged from the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt honoured this year when I was chosen to lead the parade as the commander. However, I knew it would not be easy as I had to make sure the parade was as flawless as possible.

The preparations before the parade were tiring, but they were also rewarding. Teaching my fellow juniors how to improve their marching not only helped me become a better teacher, but also made me work on my own skills. Leading by example was important.

I hope that the lessons learnt during our preparations will stay with our Troop even after the parade is over. Happy Birthday, Singapore!"



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