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Open House 2023

Written by Josiah Chia, Edited by Jaydon Tay

Every year, Catholic High School conducts its annual Open House to showcase to parents and potential students the best of Catholic High. And every year, the Catholic High Scout Group never disappoints.

To showcase a part of what students can learn and achieve as a Catholic High Scout, we built a model campsite consisting of a gateway, a pounders tent, and a kitchen shed containing a variety of gadgets made from bamboo.

We also ran a booth at the plaza, displaying our achievements and the activities students can expect to do as part of the Troop. Some of our exemplary Scouts, including our Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), were also there to engage with the parents and students by sharing their own experiences. Even though we could not build large structures there due to space constraints, we were still able to construct a miniature gateway in front of the booth as a testament to our pioneering ability.

Of course, Scouting is not merely about learning to tie knots and build structures. Although difficult to express through words alone, one could develop and benefit from many more things under us, such as values, leadership, and an unbreakable brotherhood.

Through this Open House, we hope to have given visitors a better understanding of the unique and rewarding experiences that await them in the Catholic High Scout Group.



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