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Catholic High Scouting is more than a CCA that produces excellent scouts and national champions. Our core mission is to shape leaders of tomorrow, giving each boy the ability to achieve success wherever they go.

More than just a CCA

Following through your son's lifelong development.

Catholic High Scouting goes beyond being just a co-curricular activity; it's a holistic developmental program that extends well into your son's post-secondary years. Scouts displaying potential and a genuine learning disposition are offered the opportunity to continue as Venture Scouts.


This unique approach ensures that the Catholic High training program benefits those individuals with the right qualities, following through your son's development into adulthood.

Scouts will learn soft skills that will last a lifetime. At the center of these skills is a strong moral compass based on the Scout Laws and Troop Motto. 

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Core Values

Good morals for life.

Besides a good moral compass, scouts will gain soft skills in collaboration and leadership. Both are qualities difficult to quantify but easy to recognize, and are key outcomes of their development. Scouts cultivate essential qualities such as independence, strategic foresight, and benevolence, culminating in individuals capable of good judgment and value-adding with others.


The training progression, though progressively challenging, maintains a focus on key principles and moral values from the outset. As your son transitions from self-leadership in Secondary School to leading others in their late teenage years, they are prepared not just as scouts but as individuals equipped for a future of leadership and responsibility.

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