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Catholic High Scouting is more than a CCA that produces excellent scouts and national champions. Our core mission is to shape leaders of tomorrow, giving each boy the ability to achieve success wherever they go.

Shaping Boys to Men

First a leadership academy, we focus on nurturing your boys to their fullest potential, ready to become leaders of tomorrow.

Our rigorous training program develops each boy to become stronger physically and mentally to be ready as a leader of tomorrow's world. We are the only CCA in Catholic High to offer developmental programs far beyond Secondary School, seeing through each child's development into their teenage and young adult years.

As embodied by the Scouting motto "Be Prepared", boys are taught what it means and how to guarantee success - to win a battle before it is fought. This makes the Catholic High Scout a true man, able to take decisive action and see through an increasingly complex world today. We believe these men will be a force for good, amidst the rise of a "strawberry generation".

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