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Ubin Camp 2023

Written by Kiefer Yew, Edited by Jaydon Tay

From 27 to 29 May 2023, the Troop held our annual June Training Camp at Pulau Ubin's Jelutong Campsite. The first physical camp held outside of school in 3 years, it was another new experience for the Scouts, especially in the rural environment of Pulau Ubin.

A stark contrast to the urbanised surroundings of the mainland, the Scouts were able to truly engage with nature. They became more aware of their surroundings and its potential hazards and learned to be disciplined as a collective group to ensure the safety of the Scout Troop at Ubin.

Skills such as bushcraft and navigation were taught to let the Scouts get used to the rugged environment. The unfamiliar environment also made them rely on each other more, fostering teamwork and strengthening their bonds.

The Scouts were pushed to their physical and mental limits to not only adapt to living in the rural environment, but also thrive and win the title of Best Patrol.

After intense competition, the results were tallied below:

*Based on overall evaluation Best Secondary 1: Alden Lee (Rhino)

Best Secondary 2: Kaiden Chan (Cobra)

Best Secondary 3: Josiah Chia (SPL)

*Based on performance in specific areas

Outstanding Secondary 1: Elvis Too (Tiger)

Outstanding Secondary 2: Zhu Zheng (Eagle)

Outstanding Secondary 3: Kieran Tan (Eagle) & Raphael Tham (Cobra)

Best Patrol of June Camp 2023: Shark Patrol

Congratulations to all awardees of June Camp 2023!

We also interviewed Kiefer Yew, the 2023 Patrol Leader for Shark Patrol, to share his thoughts on June Camp below:

1. Why do you think your Patrol performed well for this camp?

"I think my Patrol performed well for this camp as we were well prepared and also established great teamwork during the camp. My Patrol members were familiar with what their roles were during each activity, which allowed us to work together efficiently."

2. What made this camp at Ubin a unique experience for you?

"This camp allowed me to have a greater understanding of nature and its biodiversity. During the activities, I was able to explore Ubin and observe the wildlife. This was a great experience as it allowed me to have a chance to connect with nature more."

3. What was a key takeaway from this camp?

"Resilience was key for me as when we encountered challenges like weather conditions, I kept going and pushed my Patrol on. Flexibility was a key takeaway as well, as when met with difficulties, my Patrol was able to think outside the box, adapting to and overcoming the obstacles in our way."



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