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Catholic High Scouting is more than a CCA that produces excellent scouts and national champions. Our core mission is to shape leaders of tomorrow, giving each boy the ability to achieve success wherever they go.

Quality Mentorship

Investing in Lifelong Learning and Leadership


At Catholic High Scouting, we understand that the effectiveness of our training program hinges on the caliber of our trainers. Our commitment to mentorship extends beyond mere connections; it is a purposeful investment in the growth of each scout. We take pride in our meticulous selection process for active alumni trainers, ensuring they not only possess a robust foundation in scouting but also excel in their respective fields.

This careful selection process stems from the acknowledgment that superior mentorship requires individuals with a wealth of experience, practical insights, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our active alumni trainers, distinguished by diverse backgrounds and achievements, foster an environment where support is not just abundant but of the utmost quality.

More than instructors, our mentors are role models deeply dedicated to the holistic development of each scout. They utilize scouting as a medium to impart experiences that go beyond the realm of scouting, offering real-world insights. This approach creates a distinctive learning environment where scouts gain not only scouting principles but also invaluable life skills. This dual expertise ensures that leadership is cultivated with a profound understanding of the challenges posed by the modern world.

The commitment to quality mentorship remains a cornerstone of Catholic High Scouting. By selecting trainers who embody the principles of "Wisdom, Benevolence, and Courage," we are not just guiding scouts; we are shaping resilient leaders ready to face the complexities of the future. Choose Catholic High Scouting for an immersive experience where mentorship is not just guidance; it's a dedication to lifelong learning, leadership development, and the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of life.

Trainer's Profile

Law Jia Jun

Chief Assistant Scout Leader

As Chief Assistant Scout Leader, Jia Jun is responsible for the operations and development of the scout unit.

In 2021, he was appointed both top ranks of Senior Patrol Leader of the scout unit, and President of the Class Management Committee. During this period, Jia Jun gained invaluable experience in planning and executing the training and development programs for juniors. His success was recognised through his subsequent appointment to Assistant Scout Leader as a Venture in the following year. 

Jia Jun continued to further his specialisation in training youths aged 13-15, and he was mentored by and worked with seniors to further develop and ensure the wellbeing of the Scout unit, mentoring the next generation of aspiring leaders. As a Venture, Jia Jun had to juggle both his personal training as a senior scout and the training of juniors, and even took part in many charitable projects to help disadvantaged youths. 

In 2023, he was promoted to Chief Assistant Scout Leader, and continues to work with adult leaders to provide the best training for the Catholic High's scouts. 


Senior Patrol Leader (2021)
President, Class Management Committee (2021)
Assistant Scout Leader (2022)

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