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Catholic High Scouting is more than a CCA that produces excellent scouts and national champions. Our core mission is to shape leaders of tomorrow, giving each boy the ability to achieve success wherever they go.

Leadership through Adventure

Progressive Training, Immersive Experiences

Entering Catholic High School, your son will be bombarded with numerous leadership opportunities. Choosing the right opportunity to dedicate precious time to is important, one that will not only benefit others but your son as well.

Catholic High Scouting believes in leadership through adventure, offering scouts a unique training experience that extends beyond the conventional. The annual June Training Camp stands as a landmark event, mobilizing all resources to provide immersive training where elder scouts care for and lead juniors, while juniors learn to be effective team members. Safety is our first priority, with training tailored to the capabilities of scouts and close supervision by experienced Ventures and adult leaders.

This progressive and immersive training experience places scouts in challenging situations where actions have real consequences. Scouts discover themselves, become self-reliant, and contribute as effective team players. Outdoor adventures, with a focus on safety through close supervision, provide physically and mentally demanding situations, fostering independence, self-motivation, and strategic foresight.


These experiences are not just about learning scouting skills; they are about preparing your son for the future, instilling good judgment, self-discipline, and resilience that will serve them in all contexts of life. Choose Catholic High Scouting for an immersive journey where your son evolves into a leader ready to face the complexities of the world with courage and wisdom.

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