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June Camp 2022

Written by Tan Jen Yih, Edited by Kaden Teo

From 28 to 31 May 2022, the Troop held our annual June Camp in Catholic High School. This June Camp, being the first physical camp held since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a significant milestone for the Scouts as they were once again able to have a more authentic scouting experience. For the Troop as a whole, it was a testament to our ability to overcome any difficulties while upholding a high standard. Since it was the first time this batch of Scouts got to attend a physical camp, to ensure safety and better ease them back to the mindset of a proper camp, it was held in school.

Over the course of 4 days, the Scouts got to experience many different aspects of scouting; camp development, backwoodsman, orienteering and exploration, etc; aimed at honing their leadership and critical thinking skills while fostering teamwork. For each activity, the Patrols would be competing to earn points which would contribute to crowning the Best Patrol of June Camp 2022.

The Scouts were pushed to their limits, both physically and mentally. Their competitive spirits were reignited in the bid to win the title of Best Patrol. They had also developed their sense of camaraderie and teamwork, uniting themselves as one Catholic High Scout Troop. Through the different activities, the Scouts grew more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

After the rigorous competition, the results had been tallied. Below are the Scouts and Patrol who, with extra effort and grit, emerged at the top:

Best Sec 1: Caden Ng(Eagle)

Best Sec 2: David Wong(Pigeon)

Best Sec 3: Bryan Quan(Cobra)

Best Patrol of June Camp 2022: Rhino Patrol

Photos by Venture Scout Chey Jedd

Congratulations to all the winners of June Camp 2022! Afterwards, the Troop did the Troop cheer, led by the Ventures and the Best Patrol, Rhino Patrol.

We interviewed Tan Jen Yih, the 2022 Patrol Leader for Rhino Patrol. He will be sharing his thoughts on his Patrol’s journey to becoming the Best Patrol of June Camp 2022. Below is his reflection:

Why do you think your Patrol performed as well as they did?

"I think that my Patrol performed well as we were prepared for every activity. We would discuss our action plans for each activity during our Patrol-In-Council meetings so that everyone would know what to do at all times. This allowed us to be one step ahead, ready for any challenges that we might face. Furthermore, we were coordinated in everything that we did and actively communicated with each other throughout the Camp, enabling us to complete tasks quickly yet with high standards. We were also constantly encouraging each other to keep everyone motivated and morale high, allowing the Patrol to work with 110% efficiency."

What motivated you and your Patrol during June Camp, and how did you and your Patrol remain motivated?

"We had the singular goal of achieving Best Patrol to follow the legacy of previous batches who achieved this elusive title. By focusing on our goal, we could remain motivated as everyone in the Patrol wanted to achieve it. Since we set our Patrol goal, we worked together and encouraged one another to keep everyone motivated and morale high.

When we notice other Patrols also encouraging one another, we would feel even more motivated and determined to win Best Patrol knowing that if we win, we truly overcame a great challenge. At the same time, we also allowed ourselves to have fun when appropriate, especially during the games and scavenger hunt, reducing our stress levels so that we do not burn out and creating fond memories with the Patrol and Troop."

Which activity do you think your Patrol did best in? Why?

"I think that my Patrol did the best in backwoodsman cooking as everyone contributed to preparing each dish. By assigning roles and responsibilities to each Patrol member, we were well organised and could work together effectively as we knew what to do and who was doing what. We also helped one another so that we could work more efficiently and ensure everything was done properly on time. Since different Scouts have their own strengths and weaknesses, we delegated tasks based on who was most confident and skilful in that particular area. Hence, we were able to perform our best, completing the dishes on time, while ensuring safety, taste and hygiene."

What activity had the greatest impact on you and your Patrol? Why?

"The activity that had the greatest impact on me and my Patrol was camp development. It was the first day of the camp and a new experience for me leading my Patrol in a training camp environment.

Firstly, we had our first equipment inspection. Through this inspection, we learnt that every little detail is significant; not only as a sign of discipline, but also as a display of our preparations before the start of the camp.

Next, we had to build our tents, gadgets and gateway. Although the activity was something we had done before, the scale was much bigger compared to training and the duration given was significantly lesser. Through this activity, we learnt the importance of perseverance; not letting ourselves feel daunted by the task or lose focus as we rush to complete our campsite while maintaining the quality we expected from ourselves. After looking at our completed campsite, everyone felt a sense of accomplishment as we had successfully completed our campsite which was designed by us."

What was your biggest takeaway from June Camp?

"Troop before Unit. Unit before Patrol. Patrol before Self.

My biggest takeaway is that although there was competition between the different Patrols, there were moments where we had to act as a Troop, and look out for every single person no matter the Patrol as before we are 8 separate Patrols, we are one Troop.

Throughout the entire camp, this was emphasised in many different areas, most prominently during inspections, where everything ranging from the arrangements of equipment to the directions of the tents had to be standardised throughout the Troop. Patrols had to communicate amongst one another to ensure everything was the same while sometimes those who were free would help fix up the tents of their neighbours; if one Patrol failed, the whole Troop failed.

When we work as a Troop, we can achieve greater things together and ensure no one is left behind. Every little thing such as making sure every Patrol’s equipment is facing the right way during inspection can show that our Troop is united and cultivate such unity among us Scouts.

Another area would be keeping tabs on our fellow Scouts no matter the Patrol. Throughout the camp, everyone looked out for one another. It does not matter which Patrol or Level one came from, everyone was responsible for each other's safety. This proved useful as it allowed us to help those who were unused to the physical stress of camp and were feeling unwell early and reduce injuries during more dangerous activities."

Do you have any final thoughts about the camp?

"I am grateful and happy to have the experience of attending a (physical) Scout camp and the values fostered and skills reinforced during it was very valuable to me.

Winning Best Patrol was only possible due to the blood and sweat of my fellow Patrol mates and I hope to be able to continue to lead them to greater achievements. I hope to continue to improve with my Patrol as we forge stronger bonds with one another.

I wish that I would have an opportunity to experience the full Ubin camp experience in the future while I am still under the Troop as I am very interested due to stories I heard from my seniors who attended before."



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