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PEA Hike 2023

Written by Javier Loo and Kaleb Phoon, Edited by Jaydon Tay

As part of their PSA journey, our JC 1 Ventures embarked on their Pioneer Exploration Assessment (PEA) Hike on 29 April 2023. Despite the obstacles they faced, they passed with flying colours. Below are some of their reflections.

Being Prepared

To prepare for the PEA Hike, we underwent 2 mock hikes of increasing distance and likewise intensity. Knowing that the PEA would not be easy, such preparation served to not only hone our skills, but more importantly gave us the confidence we needed to excel in the assessment itself.

Being comfortable with uncertainty

During the assessment, we were met with non-ideal weather conditions as there was Category 1 heavy rain that forced us to halt our hikes. However, this did not faze us as we also had to deal with rain during our mock hikes. Therefore, we were able to keep our morale high and push through the hike.

Despite the soreness and aches we faced when we woke up on Day 2, we still kept the objective clearly in mind: to give this assessment our all and do it well. With that, we went about Day 2 and finished the hike before the deadline.

Tiding through difficult times

During this assessment, there were of course many challenges that we faced. Be it juggling the preparation work leading up to the hike and our studies, or during the hike itself where we had to constantly motivate ourselves to push on as we took each step. Though this assessment was not easy, our success was not by chance. It is through the rigorous preparation that we did to strengthen our mind and body, as well as the support from our Troop, that we ended this assessment strong and will continue to do this for any upcoming challenges that comes our way.



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