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Ventures BBQ 2019

By Damien Kang and Lucas Loh

After a successful year in 2019, the Ventures and Scout Leaders had a BBQ on 28 December as a celebration for our successes. Some of these successes include the South Area Cooking Competition, where we had won both 1st and 2nd place, 4 gold awards in the 2019 South Area Orienteering Competition, the SLC that was organized by Catholic High Scout Group and the Scouts who got their Chief Commissioner's Award.

The BBQ was organised and at 6pm, the Ventures and Leaders came down to the BBQ Pit, to start the BBQ. Having the 2 best Venture Cooks in South Area, we were confident in the BBQ skills of the Ventures.

It was a wonderful night with a great variety of food such as chicken wings, prawns, scallops and mutton satays. We also had food such as potato salad that was prepared by the Ventures and salad by the Leaders. The food was delicious and enjoyed by all the Ventures and Leaders.

Taking the time out to enjoy a nice evening with each other was also a good chance for many of us to reflect upon our Venturing journey thus far. We celebrated the many ups and remembered the many downs we went through, subtly reaffirming our commitment to Catholic High Scouting, to put the troop before ourselves.

Even though the night slowly drew to a close, the Ventures Unit ended stronger, rejuvenated in spirit and friendship to serve our troop and bring yet another year of success and glory to our Scout Group



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