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Undisrupted IX: Cook Badge

This is article is part of the Undisrupted series, a series of articles detailing our troop's response to the current COVID-19 situation, allowing training to continue even when physical CCA sessions have been postponed showing that our troop is truly prepared and unwavered even in the face of the pandemic.

By Wong Zheng Tat

In this edition of the Undisrupted series, the focus is on the Cook proficiency badge elective. To ensure the continuous development of scouts during this circuit breaker period, Catholic High Scout Troop tailored our own cook badge module for scouts to attain their cook proficiency badge even during this adverse period. Taking advantage of this situation, Catholic High Scout Troop holistically developed Scouts in their cooking, video editing, self-directed learning, and written report skills.

Scouts were required to film a video of them cooking their dishes, while also taking photos during the cooking process. This showcased and upheld the integrity of Catholic High Scout Group, leaving no room for doubt. Furthermore, through refining the attainment standards of the cook badge imposed by the HQ, Scouts were able to complete the tasks through improvisation. While the criteria stated left room for ambiguity, such as “purely wheat dish” which left room for many interpretations, the ventures provided the scouts with the direction to make the right decisions and ensure their dishes fit the vague criteria. This ensured that scouts would be on the right track and would not have their efforts in vain.

Catholic High Scouts also recognize the importance of giving back. All dishes cooked by the scouts were shared with their family members, as a token of appreciation for their family. This is evident in the pictures taken after every meal was cooked, with the dishes laid out finely on the dinner table

While others look at the circuit breaker period as a time of unrest and uncertainty, we view it as an opportunity for scouts to explore other aspects of scouting. Through this cook badge journey, scouts pushed themselves to cook the most delectable dishes and craft the best-written reports. They explored other parts of themselves that they did not know existed; unleashing the inner cook in them. Ultimately, this journey not only taught scouts how to be better cooks but cultivated in them the spirit of self-directed learning - one who constantly tests his limits and explores the unknown.



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