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Mount Ophir 2023

Written By Siauw Yu Chuan, Edited By Dylan Lim

On 19 March 2023, Catholic High's Rovers and Ventures Unit successfully summited Mount Ophir. The first summit since the last Ophir expedition 20 years ago, it was a huge step forward in resuming our full-scale scouting activities.

Preparing For The Summit

What does it take to conquer a mountain?

It takes perseverance to pull through the sore.

It takes courage to overcome any obstacles.

It takes uncommon grit to advance and summit the peak.

Scaling Mount Ophir requires a good level of physical fitness. Our expedition team chose to embark on the difficult route, famously known as the "Killing Fitness Centre". The route involves a sudden descent followed by a few caves, steep slopes and shallow streams. Despite this, our group did not back down in the face of adversity, choosing to press on and test our strength.

The Journey Up

Every mountain offers a different set of terrain obstacles. The team had to ascend multiple 60 degree slopes with only a rope and flights of aluminium ladders as well as enter several caves, reminding us to stay humble and not underestimate the challenges on a mountain. Training our Ventures and Rovers to appreciate the terrain and to be alert on the trail, the challenge Mount Ophir offers has put our resilience and grit to the test.

Accomplishing The Goal

At 1300 hours, the team was greeted with a breathtaking view on the summit of Mount Ophir. To stand on this giant makes one feel small and in awe of the majestic views at its peak. We could not help but feel a sense of accomplishment and a sense of pride in persevering all the way to reach the peak. It was undoubtedly worth going the extra mile.

New Frontiers

The trip was one of many firsts for our Ventures and Rovers. From drinking from the streams to traversing waterfalls and caves, it was an expedition to remember.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

~Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Mount Everest.

The mission to summit the peak was important, but the journey of overcoming the trail is what truly builds character and resilience. Ophir is only the start of a new adventure ahead. Our Ventures and Rovers will continue to seek new adventures to open new doors for the Scout Troop.



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