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Ventures Ubin Exploration

By Siauw Yu Chuan

From 22 to 24 March, the ventures unit had a Ubin recce Session in conjunction with the Ventures Foundation course.

Day 1: Camp Development and Bushcraft.

Bow was crafted from flexible mangrove shoots, arrows from thin bamboo and leaves.

A metal tip was made from beer bottle caps collected from roads.

Day 2: Ketam Bike Trail exploration and Backswood.

Ketam bike trail, an area of tall grass and vegetation...perfect for 追踪.

Backwood dinner: Roasted Chicken and Basil Bread Twist

Day 3: Challenge-Valley Recce and Oyster Hunt.

The area behind Jelutong is a long stretch Mangrove mudflats. The ventures woke up early at 7am during low tide to explore this new terrain!

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