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A legacy of shaping


to achieve excellence wherever they go





Shaping Boys to Men

First a leadership academy, we focus on nurturing your boys to their fullest potential, ready to become leaders of tomorrow.

A Distinguished Heritage

Founded in 1948, we are the longest standing CCA in CHS with a tradition of excellence and achievement.

More than just a CCA

A proven training system that extends far beyond Secondary School to see your son through his development into adulthood and beyond.

Quality Mentorship

Scouts are trained by a brotherhood of seniors who have dedicated their lifetimes to scouting and the development of their juniors.

Leadership through Adventure

A unique education experience building character through the outdoors and good values.

The best place to be a Scout

A long record of scouting excellence, equipped with the largest pool of resources in Singapore to provide the best opportunities for your son.



AGES 9 - 12


AGES 16 - 18


AGES 13 - 16


AGES 18 - 21


LTC Joshua Goh

President's Scholar
President's Scout
Commanding Officer - 1 SIR

It was in Scouts that I learnt about service. The brotherhood was only strong and my leadership was only successful because I learnt to serve, and to put others before myself.

Dr Jayson Yang

President's Scout
Specialist (Oncology)

Scouting at CHS allowed us to explore our perceived limits, push beyond the set constraints of our minds and explore beyond those boundaries. Greatest education beyond the classroom.

Inspector Kagen Lim

SPF Book Prize Recipient
Police Inspector

The value of an education accompanied by Scouting are highly complementary. I would take a more extreme stance by asserting that being a Catholic High Scout prepares a young man for life.

Dr Tham Sai Meng

President's Scout
Doctor, NUHS

I believe that much of what I am now is a result of my time spent Scouting. These are memories of joy, hardship and the valuable lessons learnt and experience gained from these experiences.

SLTC (DR) Lim Huai Yang

President's Scout
Doctor, NUHS & SAF

Those four formative years were full of character defining moments. I dare say that no other influences in my life have been as impactful on my character and the values I live by.

LTA (NS) Siauw Yu Chuan

President's Scout
Lee Kuan Yew ARE Awardee
DSTA Scholar

Scouting in CHS has provided a platform to develop resilience and courage. This has given me the opportunity to grow as a person which has enabled me to do well in my life.

LTC (DR) Lim Wei Ming

President's Scout
Specialist (Anesthesia)

Scouting has always nudged me to take up activities outside my comfort zone. It
is through such activities
that I learnt how to overcome my anxieties, gain confidence in any challenge.

Lee Feng Nian


My Scouting days instilled in me a higher sense of discipline - in which I see adversity as a worthy contender in the fight. Discipline to immerse myself entirely in any challenge, pressing on regardless.

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