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March Camp 2024

Written by Lim Zhu Zheng, Edited by Bryan Quan

9 March 2024 marked the start of the Troops' 3-Day-2-Night March Camp, where the Scouts were faced with obstacles and challenges which pushed them to new limits as individuals and as a Patrol.


The camp started off with inspection, to ensure that the Scouts had all their equipment for camp as well as to set the proper tone for the rest of the camp. Next, the Scouts built their campsite which consisted of Basha tents, a clothesline, shoe rack, and QM rack.

After lunch, the Scouts had Patrol-bonding activities to help build their Patrol spirit, especially as it was the first time the Secondary 1 Scouts were joining their Patrols. To end off the day, the Scouts had a leadership lesson conducted by the Scout Leaders and Rovers.


To instil discipline and to enforce a standard of physical fitness fitting for Catholic High Scouts, the Scouts started their day with Physical Training (PT). Following this, the Scouts were split into their batches to train their core Scouting skills which included First Aid, Orienteering, and Lashings. The Scouts were then given time to prepare their Patrol skits for Campfire later at night, as well as to touch up their campsite.

After this was the Inter-Patrol Stove Cooking Competition (IPSCC) where the Patrols had a cook off with the ingredients provided, with each Patrol needing to cook up 1 fish dish, 1 vegetable dish, and 1 egg dish each. These were then graded as part of the Best Patrol Challenge.

As night fell, the Ventures organised a Campfire where the Scouts sang various campfire songs such as "Gako the Frog" and "Flea Fly Mosquito" and performed their respective Patrol skits. It was a time for everyone to relax and enjoy each other's company after an arduous camp.


The Scouts began the day by tearing down their campsite. After that, they participated in a series of Situational Response Initiative Test (SRIT) stations which challenged the leadership, critical thinking, skills, and teamwork of each Patrol.

To end off the camp, the Troop had a debrief and the Best Patrol for March Camp 2024 was also announced. Congratulations to Eagle Patrol!

Below is a reflection from Eagle Patrol Leader, Lim Zhu Zheng:

“I am proud of my patrol for winning best patrol in this year's march camp. It was not an easy task going into this camp with new Secondary 1 Scouts and also being a new Patrol Leader. However, we managed to pull through and clinched the win by a small margin. I hope to be able to maintain our lead for the rest of the year.”



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