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World Scout Day 2022

Written by Josh Goh and Joshua Low, Edited by Chey Jedd

On 22 February 2022, the Troop enthusiastically celebrates World Scout Day. This is a good opportunity to reflect upon our scouting experience and what future steps to take on this journey. Our ASPL, Josh Goh, and ASL, Joshua Low, shared their scouting experience with us and how it has changed their lives.

Josh Goh(2022 ASPL, Tiger PL)

Scouting has motivated me to strive for continuous improvement in my life. It is through scouting that I have many opportunities to experience new things which allowed me to reflect and discover new aspects about myself that I have never noticed before. I feel that to improve, I often look back on the Scout Law for inspiration. As such, I will be referencing one Scout Law that I apply often in my daily life.

"A Scout makes friends, establishes and maintains harmonious relations."

Making friends in scouting is inevitable. It allows for more communication between peers and for better coordination or chemistry between one another as we complete tasks more effectively. In my patrol, Tiger, I feel that everyone has a strong sense of trust in each other through our shared experiences. One time, I remember when my Patrol was tasked by the Ventures to break some codes. We managed to effectively split our workload and when someone was struggling, someone who was free would try to help him. It is the little things that we do that contribute to team bonding and spirit.

In the past, I used to be introverted as I did not feel the need to express anything. However, through my 3 years in Catholic High Scout Group, I have gained the confidence to be able to talk to more people. Now that I am an ASPL and PL, I hope to foster closer bonds with everyone in the Troop and create an environment where everyone is friendly and trusting of one another.

Joshua Low(ASL, Chief Webmaster)

When I was 16, I made the commitment to stay on as a Venture Scout instead of stepping down and retiring like my friends in other Co-Curricular activities. Many of my peers asked, “Why stay on? Is it not a waste of time?” The perplexity of others got me thinking, "Why scouts?". Scouting has become an integral part of my life, developing me into a better person. The 5 Scout Laws, the Scout Motto, the simple guidelines which form the backbone of scouting have become my own moral compass which influences my thoughts.

“Be prepared”, the motto of scouting. This value has been integrated deeply into my life, the ability to react in any situation to anything, to be in whatever predicament I am in, to be able to take control of the situation and thrive in it. ​深谋远虑, as the Catholic High Venture Unit’s motto of having foresight expands on, allows me to prepare for any foreseen situation, and when an unforeseen problem arises, be able to adapt and push through it.

The countless VOJ and SRIT training in Scouts have sharpened my mind to think faster, to take quick decisive action as in the usual first aid situations we are thrown into, immediate action is crucial. Immediately allocating manpower, giving clear instructions, being quick and decisive, VOJ has strengthened my ability to work under pressure. The value of the skills shows as it reveals itself in every aspect of my life, no matter how small. Be it in the leading of school projects, where we put in our best efforts to produce outstanding results or in simple everyday decisions, our skills are allowed to shine.

Scouting was never my first choice, yet it has become such an integral part of my life. Looking back, starting my scouting journey in Catholic High Scout Group is one of the best decisions my 13 year old self had made, I would not change a thing.

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