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Let's Cook!

Written by Kaleb Phoon, Edited by Dylan Lim

Following their PSA journey, our JC 1 Ventures conducted their Venture Scout Service Project (VSSP) on 28 October 2023. While there were many challenges faced during the planning and execution of the activity, they were successful in completing their project and giving back to the community. Below is the reflection of Venture Chairman, Kaleb Phoon.

Our Project

As part of our project, we partnered with The Hut to help provide these children unique experiences through scouting activities. In the previous year, our seniors had already engaged the children through a variety of core scouting activities such as knotting and orienteering. As such, this year we decided to go through outdoor cooking to help engage the children and teach them a necessary life skill.

Importance of Preparation

Going into the project, as we were going to be dealing with children who were much younger as compared to the Scouts who we often engaged with, we knew that we needed to change up our approach. This meant that preparation had to be more detailed in order to accommodate the skillsets of the children and the potential danger that they may face along the way. For example, for items that needed to be cut open beforehand, such as the apples and bananas, we cut them prior to the children’s arrival, to ensure there would be no injuries from the slicing of the apples and bananas.

Being Adaptable

Originally, we had planned to engage fully in Backwoodsman with the children as it was what we did as Scouts. This entailed the usage of natural firewood as well as cooking of the food over the open fire. However, along the planning process, we decided to change it to a concept of outdoor cooking where there would be miniature barbecue pits which allowed the children to grill their food over the embers. This was to ensure that even the younger children would be able to engage in our project and have fun whilst staying safe. Thankfully, the children had a good time interacting with us and learning about what we did, whilst all still keeping safe. In conclusion, our project with The Hut aimed to provide younger children with unique scouting experiences, emphasizing outdoor cooking as a valuable life skill. Through meticulous preparation and adaptability, we successfully tailored the activity to ensure both engagement and safety, fostering a positive environment where the children enjoyed learning and interacting with us.



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