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Undisrupted 13: Testwork amidst COVID-19

This article is part of the Undisrupted series, a series of articles detailing our troop's response to the current COVID-19 situation, allowing training to continue even when physical CCA sessions have been postponed showing that our troop is truly prepared and unwavered even in the face of the pandemic.

By Joash Cheng and Alex Chien

Throughout the month of July, the Ventures have been hard at work crafting a series of tests that could accurately evaluate the proficiency of the Scouts’ skills amidst this period of online training. For this month, in particular, the areas of focus were Pioneering and First Aid, skills that our Troop excels and takes pride in.

First Aid is an essential skill that every Scout should possess, to be proficient and ready to meet every need. Here in Catholic High Scout Group, the Scouts have undergone 3 months of rigorous first aid training and in order to reinforce and consolidate the learning that has occurred, the Ventures designed a First Aid Quiz. In the lead up to the quiz, the different patrols met up over online Zoom meetings to revisit First Aid concepts together, as well as resolving queries they had about First Aid through a Google Form feedback system curated by the Ventures. This truly is the manifestation of the attitudes and values inculcated here in Catholic High Scout Group, to do one’s very best, even for a seemingly mundane task such as First Aid Testwork, to put the troop at the top.

Although the COVID situation has hindered physical activities, it did not stop the Scouts from honing their Pioneering Skills. Albeit a little harder to learn about Pioneering from home, the Scouts displayed a high degree of autonomy and discipline, learning about the rudiments of pioneering through slides. These slides were created by the Ventures, thoroughly tailored to suit the COVID situation. Given that there was no access to the QM, the Scouts were unable to build the pioneering structures. Knowing that this might hinder the learning of the Scouts, the Ventures came up with a Pioneering Quiz that enabled the Scouts to verify their knowledge and put their skills to the test through scenario-based questions and theory questions. With this in mind, the Scouts will be confident when building their pioneering structures, despite a long period of unforeseen interruption.

All in all, as we enter into the fifth month of online training, Catholic High Scout Group strives to always maintain a high standard of discipline, standards, and moral values even in the midst of this unprecedented crisis. Many can be prepared to face a crisis, but here at Catholic High Scout Group, we go above and beyond just being prepared to act, but having the wisdom to strategise, benevolence to empathise and courage to persevere - 智仁勇.

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