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Undisrupted V: The Online Patrol Corners System

This article is part of the Undisrupted series, a series of articles detailing our Troop's response to the current COVID-19 situation, allowing training to continue even when physical CCA sessions have been postponed showing that our Troop is truly prepared and unwavered even in the face of the pandemic.

By Lucas Loh

Updated: 2 January 2022

The Training Continuity Plan has been in effect for 5 weeks now, running efficiently and neatly with the Scout's work being tracked and marked on time. One of the main reasons why this was possible at Catholic High Scout Group is due to our elite pre-existing Online Patrol Corners System, which involves not only the Troop-wide Digital QM, but also individual Patrol corners for each Patrol to complete and submit their work assigned from TCP.

The website system is designed in sync with the Google Drive system so that the website acts as a portal to the centralised Patrol Google Driver Folders. In addition, the system is secure as only Ventures can access every Patrol's corner, giving Patrols the element of privacy needed for a healthy competitive environment.

Such a system allows the PLs and Ventures to track the real-time progress of work of each Patrol, ensuring that all work submitted is vetted and marked, before being returned on time.

Above: Eagle's Patrol Corner, with their TCP work neatly kept in their folders for Ventures to check and PLs to track.

In addition, it encourages PLs to add to the Digital QM by producing resources for their own Patrol members to learn from, as well as planning and recording their own progress in terms of skills and training. For example, Wolf keeps track of its Patrol members' progress in skills on a shared document, allowing Patrol members to work together and ensure no one is left behind.

Above: Tiger has produced notes and tests for its Patrol members on Patrol history and many other scouting topics, preserving knowledge for the Troop.

Such a system is the result of many months of designing, building and streamlining the website as an access portal for the Patrol Corners System. The development of this system was completed way before the COVID-19 situation arose, as part of a network of infrastructure to ensure that our Troop is operationally prepared to support online learning and preservation of knowledge accumulated by the Troop.

This is a good example of the Venture Vision of Priding Pride and Building Strength for the Troop, as well as the Venture Motto 深谋远虑, which means Look Wide, calling Ventures to think strategically for the Troop into the future. Such Strategic Foresight is only possible with an elite training that teaches Scouts and Ventures to think for the Troop and put the Troop at the top.



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