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Starting Point: Level One Investiture

Written by Xavier Tan, Edited by Chey Jedd

On 16 March 2023, the Troop gathered in the school hall to officially welcome our new Level One Scouts into Catholic High Scout Group. Previously, they were given the opportunity to witness the Investiture ceremony for our Patrol Leaders' Council of 2023 and even got to join in on activities. Inspired by their seniors' strong commitment to scouting and the Troop, the newly inducted Level One Scouts are now one step closer to following in their footsteps, learning and working alongside them.

The Ceremony

The Investiture ceremony is one of paramount significance, opening a new chapter of scouting for the Level Ones as they get formally recognised as Scouts. Standing in a 马蹄 formation dressed in their uniforms, the Scouts eagerly anticipate the beginning of the ceremony.

In addition, for the first time since the pandemic, the parents of our Level One Scouts were invited to show their support to their children as they get inducted. This boosted their morale and confidence as they all wanted to look their best in front of their parents.

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As they were called upon from their individual Patrols, they stepped forward with pride and confidence. Led by their Patrol Leader who would take up the responsibility of mentoring them for the coming year, they marched in unity towards the front of the 马蹄.

As they stood in attention, our Scout leader, Mr Cai Wenchuan, alongside our Venture Council donned the National scarves on them, formalising the trust placed upon them to always follow the Scout Law and Promise. Officiating the induction of the Level Ones was our GSL, Mr Andrew Chua, being the first to welcome them as they begin their journey as Scouts.

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Afterwards, the Level Ones placed their left hand on the Troop flag, before raising their right hand to form the Scout salute. Together with their fellow Scouts, they recited the Scout Promise, representing their commitment to their duties as a Scout, a member of their community and a citizen of the country.

To end off the ceremony, the Scouts were given some time to mingle with their new Patrols and families.

The Journey Ahead

Under the tutelage of their experienced seniors, the newly invested Level Ones would become physically and mentally resilient while being nurtured into independent leaders. They will pick up numerous soft and hard skills that will prove useful in their future endeavours. This marks the start of a new beginning for them, and although the journey ahead will be tough, the lessons and friendships gained will be priceless.



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