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South Area Orienteering Competition 2024

Written by Cayden Ng and Kang Yi Hun, Edited by Jaydon Tay

On 20 April 2024, our Cub Scouts and Scouts participated in the South Area Orienteering Competition at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Our Scouts came in with Three Golds, One Silver and Two Three Bronzes. Overall, we were tied for Third Place at 80 points.

Congratulations to all our members for their efforts, they have brought glory to the Troop! We would also like to thank the organisers for hosting this exciting event.

Be Prepared

The Scouts spent the weeks leading up to the competition preparing and training their Orienteering skills with their own timed Orienteering challenge in school. Moreover, the Scouts also scoped out the Botanic Gardens in their own time to familiarise themselves with the competition environment.

Even with such rigorous training, our teams faced their own difficulties during the competition. One scenario is as shown in the short reflection below by Kang Yi Hun from Rhino Patrol:

"During the competition, we were very familiar with the place and were confident about winning it. However, we made some mistakes too. Wrong turns, missed checkpoints and misinterpretation of the map to name a few. All these mistakes not only wasted time, but also caused us to be more anxious. However, we managed to collect ourselves and in the end we still managed to clinch gold. Regardless of how prepared and confident we were, we should have been more cautious and double-checked our answers. I will carry this lesson with me to avoid making such mistakes in the future."

Nevertheless, we are proud of our Cub Scouts and Scouts for their hard work and resulting achievements. We will not falter in our goal of first place and will perform better in future competitions.


Team 1 - Chian Fon Jay, Kaiden Chan, Kang Yi Hun

Team 2 - Keian Teh, Lim Zhu Zheng, Cayden Ng

Team 6 - Jovial Kam, Damon Tan, Nathan Cheung


Team 5 - Ivor Zhu, David Koh, Alston Toh


Team 3 - Elvis Too, Trey Fung, Matthew Lee

Team 3 - Kyrus Lee, Joseph Goh, Alden Lee



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