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South Area National Mind Quiz

Written By Darren Goh, Edited by Chey Jedd

Catholic High Scout Group recently participated in the National Mind Quiz(NMQ) 2023 Competition organised by South Area. It has been ages since NMQ was held in person due to the pandemic, hence our Cub Scouts and Scouts were excited to test their knowledge against other Scout Troops and were determined to put the Troop at the top.

The Competition

Before the competition, the Cub Scouts and Scouts were briefed on the NMQ format which had two rounds; a preliminary round, and a final round between the top 5 teams from the previous round. The preliminary round was an MCQ test of 45 questions, while the final round was a mix of questions held in different formats.

The Troop sent a total of 7 Cub Scout teams and 2 Scout teams to compete in the competition. Our participants were prepared and confident to answer questions ranging from general knowledge, to scouting history, to scouting skills and knowledge. This was only possible after countless hours of research and studying, pouring through several documents that previous teams had already compiled in the past that were stored in our vast digital archives.


With so much preparation in place, it was no doubt that many of our teams breezed through the preliminary round. Hereupon, we are proud to announce that CHSG(Primary) Team Six, Team One, and Team Two placed First, Second, and Third respectively for the Cub Scouts while CHSG(Secondary) Team One came in Second for the Scouts.

Congratulations to our teams for your incredible efforts and accomplishments!

Below is the list of our competing teams:

CHSG(Primary) Team 1 [Overall 2nd; Gold]- Christopher Koo, Wu Tong, and Mok Zheng Huan

CHSG(Primary) Team 2 [Overall 3rd; Gold]- Dylan Lin, Matthias Ho, and Aedus Foo

CHSG(Primary) Team 3 [Silver]- Lee Meng Hao, Nigel Lim, and Dominic, Siau

CHSG(Primary) Team 4 [Silver]- Kieren Ching, Lucien Yeo, and Loo Zhuo Xi

CHSG(Primary) Team 5 [Gold]- Darrus Chan, Isaac Chan, and Karl Tan

CHSG(Primary) Team 6 [Overall 1st; Gold]- Jace Tey, How Jian Kai, and Joshua Tan

CHSG(Primary) Team 7 [Bronze]- Leondard Lai and Chad Tan Tze Yong

CHSG(Secondary) Team 1 [Overall 2nd; Gold]- Darren Goh, Raphael Tham, and Kiefer Yew

CHSG(Secondary) Team 2 [Silver]- Josiah Chia, KieranTan, and Lim Zhu Zheng

Value of Learning

NMQ was certainly an exciting experience for our Cub Scouts and Scouts. The intangible enrichment from learning so much more about scouting history, scouting skills and knowledge, and even general knowledge of the world truly impacted them immensely, giving them a much greater appreciation of their roles as Scouts.

Although we performed very well and achieved a lot in the competition, we would not get complacent and are determined to continue seeking improvement to develop ourselves into better Scouts for the next challenge; physically, technically and of course, intellectually.



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