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PSA 2021

Written by Damien Kang

We are proud to announce that a record of 7 Venture Scouts from Catholic High Scout Group has been conferred the President’s Scout Award on 8 December 2021 at the Istana. The President’s Scout Award is the pinnacle award that Venture Scouts can attain, and is awarded to Venture Scouts who have displayed relentless commitment to the Scout movement and the community, outstanding leadership and exceptional skills.

The Venture Scout are, according to alphabetical order:

  1. Alex Chien Jun Hao

  2. Cheng Lin Kai, Joash

  3. Damien Kang Jun Heng

  4. Jann Lim Yi Lun

  5. Joel Lim Yuet Heng

  6. Ooi Lee Seng, Michael

  7. Wong Zheng Tat

The journey to attain the President’s Scout Award consisted of many components, such as community service, and many courses that put our Venture Scouts’ skills to the test. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic further complicated the process of obtaining the award. However, despite the setbacks, our Venture Scouts displayed resilience and persevered to obtain the award, and to put Catholic High Scout Group at the top.

In the words of the Scout Hymn,

“To be the best, the best that I can be!”

Congratulations to the 7 Venture Scouts for their outstanding achievement and they will continue to serve in Catholic High Scout Group as role models and mentors to their juniors.



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