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Our Legacy: Catholic High Scouts Heritage Hike

Written by Daniel Ong, Edited by Chey Jedd

所谓 “饮水思源”; We must remember our roots and our beginning; to not only thank those who have brought us to where we are today, but to reflect on our identity and who we are.

On 9 July 2022, the Troop embarked on an unforgettable hike. This hike did not bring us through any reservoirs or nature reserves. Instead, this hike served as a hike down memory lane, allowing us to rediscover the old sites used by Catholic High Scout Group and the old Catholic High School campuses.

The Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral at Queen Street was the first home of Catholic High Scout Group in 1948, with its use of a small wooden hut opposite the cathedral as its first Scout Den. After some time, the Den eventually shifted to Gentle Road in 1980, where the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore stands today. Finally, the Den moved to Bishan Street 12 in 1990, right beside Guang Yang Secondary School before officially settling at Bishan Street 22 in 1993, the current home of Catholic High School.

This hike not only acts as a build up to the Troop’s 75th anniversary in 2023, but also coincides with the 30th year that Catholic High School has been at our current campus at Bishan Street 22.

This hike has allowed us to remember the legacies left behind by those that came before us; legacies of living a life of morality, compassion, benevolence, courage and so much more. We were also reminded about our role in society as Scouts; to have the hunger to shape a better society by serving the vulnerable and exemplifying values and morals.

Even during the hike itself, the attitude of benevolence could be seen in the way the senior Scouts supported their juniors. Take for example, the Sec 3s of Cobra Patrol, who decided to help take the bags of their juniors who were struggling to complete the journey. This willingness to sacrifice and voluntarily increase one’s burden for another is a simple but impactful way to showcase this benevolence and brotherly love. Such acts would further inspire new generations of Scouts to continue this cycle of care and uplift the next generations of Scouts.

Below is a reflection by Fabian, a Secondary 1 Scout from Cobra Patrol:

"This hike was a wonderful experience for me as I got to bond with my Patrol while exploring Singapore on foot, allowing me to view Singapore from a new perspective as we travel through the different neighbourhoods. What was an eye opener for me was learning more about my school and my Troop's history, visiting the many sites we once reside while listening to snippets of information shared scattered throughout the hike. This made me realise how far we had come from our humble wooden shack in Queen Street to the model Troop of today.

Towards the end of the hike, my Patrol was getting increasingly exhausted and every step was starting to hurt more and more. Despite also having the additional task of reading the map and guiding us to our destination, my senior Scouts did not hesitate to offer to carry my bag for me to lessen my pain, this warmed my heart knowing that I have a kind senior I can rely on. Furthermore, knowing that my Patrol was with me the entire journey, encouraging me to push on and vice-versa, gave me the strength to continue at a good pace to reach our old campus with time to rest. This showed me how important Patrol spirit truly is, and made the hike one of the most memorable experiences I will ever have as a Sec 1 Scout."

All in all, this hike allowed us to learn more about the history of Catholic High Scout Group. Such connections with our roots allow us to re-establish our mission, goal and identity as Catholic High Scouts - to serve those around us. I truly hope to see the next generation of Scouts continue this burning passion to live a life of morals and impact those around them.



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