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Our 75th Anniversary 团庆 [焕]

Written by Kaleb Phoon and Sim Hon Jui, Edited by Jaydon Tay

75 years ago, on 24 January 1948 at 4 p.m., the Catholic High Scout Group was founded. We were joined by Rev Fr Edward Becharas, Founder of Catholic High School. 7 years later, we produced Singapore's first-ever Queen's Scout Award recipient, the first of many achievements that illustrate our 75 years of commitment to scouting excellence and pride.

On 28 January 2023, our group and its alumni gathered to kick off our 75th Anniversary celebrations with a High Tea for our alumni. Even though the ages of our approximately 400 guests ranged from 93 to 9 years old, one commonality shone through all our lives; scouting and its transformative impact on all of us.

A Remarkable Display

To do justice to this remarkable occasion and as a tribute to our alumni and their passion for scouting, we had to prove that we, the Catholic High Scout Group of today, are worthy of representing the 74 iterations of predecessors before us.

Of course, this came in the form of pioneering, a time-tested strength of CHSG.

In many ways, this gateway represented our bold spirit of adaptability especially these past three years, as we erected these tall structures without the use of anchors.

Celebrating 2022

Like the gateways, the past year has been marked by change and progress, as we re-emerged from the pandemic and returned to the new normal.

We finally were able to hold physical camps in June and November, pushing everyone to a new level as we continued to strive for excellence. We also participated and dominated in the North Area Backwoodsman Competition and South Area Orienteering Competition.

Twelve of our Scouts achieve the Chief Commissioner's Award and two of our Ventures the President's Scout Award, the greatest milestone in their scouting and venturing journeys respectively. These talented Scouts not only brought pride to the Troop, but had also left a legacy that inspired many junior Scouts in the Troop to set their sights on reaching their level.

Aside from our internal success, we looked beyond to contribute towards Singapore Scouting as the pandemic has taken its toll on the local pioneering scene.

The first of such projects was executed in December 2022, as we invited Ventures and Rovers from other groups to take part in our Pioneering Course.

Coming up soon is our Pioneering Book, a detailed guide on pioneering design and building processes, written by our Rover Unit.

High Tea Celebration

It was an inspiring yet nostalgic moment. The large turnout reminded us all of the significance of Catholic High Scout Group and the lives it has transformed, while the alumni rekindled old memories and friendships.

The event was graced by our GSL Mr Chua, school leaders from the primary and secondary sections, and Scout Leaders from all units. One highlight was the 捞起 between scouting brothers, as today was also 人日.

To say the least, it was an occasion of great significance for them to reminisce the memories made and bonds forged during their time in the Troop. Old friends came together to enjoy a scrumptious meal while catching up with one another like old times.

Booths were set up to commemorate the Troop’s rich history, reminding our alumni not only of their experiences as a Scout in the brotherhood, but also of the achievements they helped to attain alongside their fellow brother-in-arms. It was truly heartening to see Scouts old and new looking through old artefacts, flipping the pages of past Patrol logs and recognising parts that they themselves had contributed. Photo booths were available for the guests to capture these moments of joy and to help preserve them as memories.

Troop Spirit

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, there were Lion and Dragon dances to welcome another 5 years of excellence. Finally, the Cub Scouts and Scouts both gave various musical performances, showing off their skills while providing entertainment for our guests.

We would also like to congratulate our Cub Scout Leader, Mrs Lim Ong Hong, for receiving the Distinguished Service Award for her long and outstanding service towards our Cub Scout Unit.

Near the end of the Anniversary High Tea, everyone came together to sing “朋友”. Peers, seniors and juniors put their arms around each other as they sang, representing the strong bonds and deep love for one another in the brotherhood. The celebration concluded with reciting the Scout Promise and a mass photo-taking session, immortalising this joyous occasion not only through photos, but also imprinted into the minds of everyone present.

A New Chapter

That day, we not only celebrated the Troop’s birthday, but also aligned ourselves with the Troop’s vision and renewed our commitment to building the long-running legacy.



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