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NPC X 2018: Campsite Development

A hallmark of any troop, a campsite is the closest way to physically represent any troop's standard. A campsite built by campers not provides shelter and a safe productive space, but also marks the territory of the campers. As it is designed and built by our campers and our troop, it is a space to call our own. In this way, our campsite represents our troop to the rest of the world.

In addition, campsites create living spaces for campers to interact and perform daily tasks. With so many different functions required that of a campsite, we ensure that every square inch of the campsite is optimised and utilised to its fullest.

More often than not, campsites can be used to roughly gauge the ability of any group of campers - a messy and disorganised campsite will mean campers from that unit lack discipline to maintain order and hygiene. Likewise, a grand and majestic campsite, with robust functionality and happy campers shows that the unit's scouts are capable and well-trained, to not only survive, but thrive in the environment they are in.

This is why Catholic High Scout Group takes such pride in our campsite - to mark our territory and to show everyone what we're capable of.



Designed to be seen from even outside Sarimbun, the SUNGATE, 太阳之门, is a behemoth of its own class and size. About 20 metres wide and 12 metres tall, the SUNGATE is the biggest gateway in all of NPC X. Fitting to its name, the SUNGATE is illuminated at night by solar-powered floodlights, a beacon of pride and evergreen strength to our unit and cluster.

The SUNGATE is massive yet simple to build, being twice as tall as our Rain Tree tower (tallest cluster project in NPC X at 6m), but taking a third of the time to build. This is thanks to our signature design - to maximise every knot and pole. Simply put, the SUNGATE is born and made efficient.

There are three main colours used in the design of the SUNGATE, being red, yellow and white, with red representing Triace Scouts, Yellow representing Cat High, and White representing Mayflower. The designs and prints of the gateway banners were all handmade. The white banners represent nature and its beauty, while the yellow banners represent the scouting skills necessary to fully utilise nature, to coexist and thrive with it.



Our cluster flagpole symbolically embodies the identity and unity of the three units - Cat High, Triace and Mayflower. Designed by us to stand upright on any ground, the flagpole characterises the adaptability and unwavering unity between the three units in the face of all challenges.



The Rain Tree tower is the tallest cluster project in NPC X, standing at 6m. Designed with safety and sustainability in mind, the Rain Tree tower is monument to the friendships between our unit and cluster. With a square base and an hourglass superstructure, it has two levels for visitors to enjoy. Despite is height, its design is safe and suitable for even cub scouts to climb, letting them better appreciate our campsite and the area around it.

The tower is a testament to the strong bonds and collective strength of the cluster patrols, forged through the multiple trainings before and cumulative effort of everyone.

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