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Level 1 Investiture 2021

By Lucas Kong and Chia Qi Xing

Updated: 31 December 2021

Today on 27 March 2021, the Level 1 Scouts officially joined Catholic High Scout Group. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions and safeguards were put in place during the ceremony. However, this did not dampen their mood as they were all excited to officially become Catholic High Scouts.

Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony signifies the induction of the Level 1s as Scouts and the start of their scouting journey in Catholic High Scout Group. The Patrol Leader of each Patrol accompanies and leads their respective Level 1s during the ceremony. This is to show their full support to the Level 1s who they will lead in their Patrols.

When the ceremony began, our ASL Kaiser Koh called forth the Patrols to be invested, starting with Pigeon Patrol, followed by Eagle Patrol, and so on. The PLs marched forward proudly, leading their new Level 1s Patrol mates behind them. The Level 1s marched forward with their heads held high, excited to become members of the Troop.

The Level 1s placed their left-hand (side where the heart is located) on the Troop flag, signifying a promise of loyalty and dedication to the Troop. They then raised their right-hand in salute and recited the Scout promise and Scout law. They pledged to uphold the values and meaning behind the Scout promise and Scout law, acting as model citizens both during and outside of training, to be of service to our community.

Afterwards, our GSL Mr Andrew Chua, put their national scarves on for them, officially welcoming them as Scouts recognised by the Troop. Mr Chua is the highest-ranking Scout Leader in the Troop who has dedicated many years to the Troop. He has invested numerous batches of Level 1s into our scouting legacy and it is an honour to be recognised as a Scout by him. This ceremony also symbolises the growing strength of the Troop with the arrival of a new batch of Scouts.

Moving forward After officially joining the scouting movement and the Troop, the Level 1 Scouts would have to endure arduous training for the next 3 years and emerge as true Catholic High Scouts. Their mental resilience, fortitude, and spirit would be tested during each training.

Learning under their experienced seniors through theory and hands-on lessons, they would grow and develop their skills, knowledge, and strength. As the Level 1 Scouts continue to grow, they would have many opportunities to display their skills and challenge themselves through scouting competitions and events.

The Troop strongly believes in the importance of holistic education. The Level 1 Scouts would have the opportunity to develop various soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and discipline amongst many others during training and camps. These would be stressed upon during training. When they become seniors in the future, they would get the opportunity to lead their own Patrol and develop their leadership, communication skills, and many more.

Ending off

To end off the investiture, the Level 1 Scouts took a photo together to commemorate the joyous occasion, etching the memory in their minds for time to come. This marks the start of their scouting journey as they grow in both body and mind alongside their fellow Catholic High Scouts.



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