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June Camp 2024

Written by Josiah Chia, Edited by Bryan Quan

From the 25th to 27th of May 2024, the Troop embarked on our annual June Camp. This year, the camp was held at East Coast Park. This would be a new experience for many of the scouts as the environment at East Coast Park was vastly different from the urbanised mainland. As such, the Scouts were pushed to step out of their comfort zones to adapt to a new setting.

Throughout the camp, numerous essential scouting skills like orienteering and bushcraft were taught to the scouts. While activities like campcraft and hiking pushed the patrols to work together, building teamwork and fostering stronger bonds between each other.

Faced with a new terrain, we adapted and implemented new activities for our scouts, such as beach cleaning and a sandcastle competition, putting the creativity of the patrols to the test. 

After intense competition, the results were tallied below.

Good Performance Secondary 1: Damon Tan (Dolphin)

Good Performance Secondary 2: Jalen Liang (Pigeon), Matthew Lee (Pigeon), Joshua Liong (Pigeon)

Good Performance Secondary 3: Chian Fon Jay (SPL), Ivor Zhu (Rhino)

Best Patrol: Pigeon

Congratulations to all awardees of June Camp 2024!

We reached out to Jalen Liang, the Assistant Patrol Leader for Pigeon Patrol, acting Patrol Leader for Pigeon Patrol, to share with us their reflections for June Camp.

Jalen Liang - Pigeon Assistant Patrol Leader

One of the key factors that contributed to my patrol's success was our resilience. Despite facing numerous challenges, we did not give up. We pushed each other on, offering words of encouragement to keep going even when times got tough. One example of this was during the night hike back to the campsite. Despite everyone being extremely tired we encouraged each other to persevere and not give up, which allowed us to keep up the pace and eventually reach the campsite.

Moreover, we had a clear understanding of the task at hand, which allowed us to stay focused and work efficiently. Because of this, we were able to delegate our manpower to complete the tasks more efficiently. During camp development, my patrol was well-versed in all the steps needed to construct both the pounders and the gadget, allowing us to quickly construct our pounder with minimal mistakes and work on the gadget faster than the other patrols.

Although we faced many setbacks during the camp, I am proud that my patrol pushed themselves through the camp and overcame the many challenges in our way. I also feel very thankful for my patrol members as we were there for each other every step of the way, which greatly strengthened our patrol bond. This June camp was a memorable experience for everyone and I am sure we have all learnt much from this experience.



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