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Investiture 2024

Written by Bryan Quan

The Investiture ceremony is an annual tradition for Catholic High Scouts, where Scouts are recognised for their hard work and dedication over the past year. It is also when seniors pass down their responsibilities to their juniors, entrusting them with total confidence to continue leading the Troop towards greater success.

On 3 February 2024, the Troop gathered for our annual investiture, with the last 升旗 led by the SPL of 2023, Josiah Chia. Shortly thereafter, we commenced with the Investiture ceremony.

Celebrating 2023

With the beginning of a new year, we started off with our prize presentation, consisting of the awards Best Secondary One, Two, and Three, as well as Best Patrol. We have Elvis Too of Tiger Patrol, Chian Fon Jay of Shark Patrol, and Raphael Tham of Cobra Patrol for Best Secondary One, Two, and Three respectively. As for the Best Patrol of 2023, Shark Patrol managed to clinch the title!

Not only are these awards a testament to the awardees' hard work and effort put in over the past year, it also serves to motivate every individual Scout in the Troop to strive for excellence, to put in 110% effort in every training to become the best that they can be.

Investiture Ceremony 

Next, led by their APLs, the Secondary 2 Scouts marched up to the front of the 马蹄 to receive their Troop scarves from our Group Scout Leader (GSL) Mr Andrew Chua. Placing their left hand on the Troop’s flagpole and their right hand in a Scout salute, every Secondary 2 Scout recited the Scout Promise, reinforcing their loyalty to the Troop and to Scouting. 

With the donning of the Troop scarf, the Secondary 2 Scouts were officially invested as Catholic High Scouts, symbolising the trust that the Troop has in them to do us proud as Catholic High Scouts.

For the new SPL, ASPL , and the rest of the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC), this investiture is a recognition of their hard work and effort over the last year. With their new appointments, the Troop has bestowed upon them the opportunity to bring us to greater heights.

With the promotion of 7 new Ventures, the Venture unit now stands at a daunting 18 Ventures. Not only do the Ventures play critical roles in the smooth operation of Scouts trainings, but they also continue to learn and develop themselves through these opportunities as well as their own trainings, preparing them to achieve excellence in life.

We ended the ceremony with our tradition of the Troop Cheer along with a

Troop photo. We then gathered for the first 降旗 led by our new SPL of 2024,

Chian Fon Jay.

The Road Ahead

A milestone for Catholic High Scouts, Investiture is when every member of the Troop reflects on the past year, to figure out how they can become an even better version of themselves in the year to come. 

With the arrival of a new year of Scouting comes new challenges, new obstacles, but more importantly new areas for Catholic High Scout Group to conquer and excel in.



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