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Investiture 2021

By Siauw Yu Hern

Updated: 31 December 2021

The Troop gathered on 30 January 2021 for our yearly investiture. We officially welcomed our Secondary 2 Scouts into the Troop while promoting many senior Scouts who had shown excellence and promise last year. This year’s investiture was an extremely unique occasion, especially since there were many restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. However, with diligent planning and preparation, the investiture went without a hitch and we managed to continue with our annual tradition.

Overcoming the odds

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to hold the investiture like how we usually would. Despite the odds, we did not let our spirits dampen and persevered to execute a grand and meaningful investiture. The Troop was split into two shifts to reduce intermingling. These safe distancing measures did not hamper us as everyone entered the hall with heads held high with pride and excitement, hoping to get the chance to step up and lead the Troop to greater heights.

Before commencing with the investiture, the Troop gathered for one final 升旗 before the Secondary 4 Scouts step down from their leading roles or promote to become Venture Scouts. The 2020 ASPL, Ryan Loh, led the ceremony as the day began with a loud resounding whistle and shout of "公教”.

Troop Spirit

For the Secondary 2 Scouts, the investiture was a new experience for them, and more importantly to pledge their commitment towards the Troop. Upon investiture, they shall receive their Troop scarves which symbolise the Troop's recognition of them as Catholic High Scouts and faith in their ability to carry it forward into the new year. As for the Secondary 3 and 4 Scouts, it was about renewing the Scout law and promise and reinstating their commitment and loyalty towards the Troop as they continue to lead the Troop to the top and achieve excellence.

As they went up to receive their scarves, the whole Troop proudly recited the Scout law and Scout promise, reaffirming their commitment to the Troop to always put the Troop first before themselves and a reminder that the Scouts are to follow the laws and promises of scouting in their daily life.

A year older, A year wiser

For the 8 Patrol leaders, ASPL, SPL, and the many other executive positions, the investiture signifies the bestowing of both an honour and a responsibility, having been specifically chosen to lead the Troop to success and glory. They have the potential to go above and beyond the rest of their peers and must believe in their own potential to achieve excellence.

As for the Ventures, their promotion into the Venture unit will strengthen the Troop and enhance the scouting experience in Catholic High School by educating the Scouts in the Troop with their years of experience and knowledge as well as working behind the scenes to ensure all scouting activities are conducted smoothly.

An investiture holds a special meaning for everyone, and it is also the time where everyone can take the time to reflect on themselves individually, as a Patrol and as a whole Troop for the past year and what they can do better and bring to the table in times to come.

To end off our investiture, the Patrols of 2020 came together for the last time and said their goodbyes by taking a commemorative photo. At the same time, they welcomed the new Patrols for the new year ahead.

Celebrating 2020

To celebrate our achievements of 2020, we moved on to the Prize Presentation. After a long year of inter-Patrol competitions, everyone was excited to find out who would be crowned champion and be honoured with the title of the Best Patrol.

The best Secondary 1, 2, and 3 Scouts of 2020 were Sean Leung, Angus Chin, and Siauw Yu Hern respectively. As for the Best Patrol of 2020, it was Rhino Patrol, winning the Overall Best Patrol. Congratulations to award winners!

Last but not least, the Troop gathered for 降旗 where the new ASPL of 2021, Kaleb Phoon, led the ceremony. We finished off strong with a loud resounding whistle and "公教” while looking forward to the new year ahead as we seek to bring the Troop out on top.



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