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CCA Showcase 2023

Written by Bryan Quan, Tan Jen Yih and Josiah Chia, Edited by Jaydon Tay

As the saying goes, “New Year, New Me”. But for Catholic High Scout Group, it would be “New Year, New Scouts”. With the arrival of the new school year, a fresh wave of Secondary One students entered the school, some of whom will eventually lead the Troop in the coming future.

To showcase to the Secondary Ones what scouting could offer them, we prepared and came up with a diverse range of stations. This ranges from campcraft, to first aid, and even bushcraft. Moreover, we also elaborated on the soft skills they can develop under the Troop like leadership and adaptability.

The size constraint of the location and general safety concerns prevented us from fully showcasing certain activities like pioneering. However, we still did our utmost to retell our own experiences and learnings from past activities to give them a better understanding of what they can achieve under the Troop, using photos and props to supplement what cannot be physically shown.

Of course, scouting is beyond just learning about how to tie a knot or build a tower. There is much to learn from our Troop Values as well as the Scout Law and Promise. This is very difficult to express through talk, but we hope that we were able to explain clearly and effectively to the Secondary Ones how scouting could develop them holistically through our sharings as well as the expectations and responsibilities of a Scout.

Below are some reflections from Scouts who had helped out during the showcase:

Jen Yih, Rhino PL:

'Before the CCA showcase, we had to prepare some items to showcase to the L1s such as our mini pioneering structures and bushcraft equipment. We even built a bench and table. We enthusiastically shared our Troop’s unique history and training modules with the L1s who were naturally curious about what we did in Scouts. We patiently explained to them using our own past experiences, with the support of some Ventures who came down.

I am proud of everyone as even though we had to rush down from class with some having to be excused as early as 12 to ensure we could give the L1s a most memorable experience, nobody lamented or showed fatigue. Instead, everyone gave their very best to actively showcase our CCA to the L1s to spark interest in them. All of us shared a common goal which was to excite and leave a strong impression on the L1s and we worked towards it in unity.'

Josiah Chia, Tiger APL:

'I found that this CCA showcase was a meaningful opportunity for us to share our scouting experiences with the Sec 1s. I was in charge of the campcraft and pioneering station, and had the opportunity to showcase the mini pioneering structures, as well as a clothesline and shoe rack.

While sharing about our previous pioneering projects, such as our 七层旗杆(18m tall) from last year, the L1s were very amazed that we could build such large structures. When I told them about my personal experiences using the gadgets in camp, they were amazed that the gadgets were able to stand up to the weather and wanted to learn more. This made me realise how incredible my time learning under the Troop has been.

I was pleased to see that in the end, many of the L1s wanted to sign up for Scouts, and am glad that I was able to spark a small fire within them through stories of my scouting journey, one which some of them will experience in the years to come.'



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