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CCA Showcase 2022

Written by Law Jia Jun and Kaleb Phoon, Edited by Chey Jedd

As the new year came along, a new batch of Level 1 students joined CHS, which means that we would soon be welcoming a new batch of Sec 1 Scouts to our Troop as well. In order to recruit strength for the Troop, we are determined to put up a good show during CHS's annual CCA Showcase to give the Level 1s a glimpse of Catholic High scouting. Below is a brief introduction to some of the scouting modules.

Troop Values

A brief introduction to our Troop’s values is key to understanding why we do things a certain way and also helps to layout the journey in which a CHSG Scout will take. Catholic High Scout Group has three core values; 智,仁,勇, which stand for Wisdom, Benevolence and Courage respectively and are the symbolic framework for our Troop. Each value is also endowed with a specific colour, Blue for Wisdom, White for Benevolence and Yellow for Courage.


Campcraft is a core scouting activity that we commonly carry out either in school or during camps. Leading up to this year’s CCA Showcase, our Scouts worked together to build an entire campsite to showcase to the Level 1s. Our campsite consists of a gateway, a clothesline, a shoe rack, a Kitchen Shed, a Pounders Tent, as well as fencing to act as boundaries for our campsite. These pieces of equipment help to ensure basic standards of living during camps. For example, the clothesline can hang dirty clothes to ensure that they are air-dried before packing them back into our rucksacks.


Pioneering is an essential component in scouting and in CHSG, we always strive to build the grandest of structures which allow us to look wide and go further. For this CCA Showcase, we built a tower, a bridge, and 2 catapults. Each and every structure that was built was carefully thought out and well-planned. This was to ensure that not only does the building process go smoothly, but that every Scout was also safe during construction.


As Scouts, we learn bushcraft as a way to survive in the wilderness using any resources we can scavenge. For example, using natural materials to craft a bow and arrow which can be fired at will. Within CHSG, we strive to produce Scouts who are able to adapt to any challenge and bushcraft is an example of this. In the wilderness, not many materials will be at hand and it is up to our Scouts to rise to the challenge and make do with whatever they have.

First Aid

First aid is an important skill in scouting, with CHSG Scouts going through different first aid training and courses to be qualified as certified First-Aiders. Scouts learn a wide variety of first aid skills, including treatment for sprains and strains, insect and animal bites, burns, abrasions, frostbite, heatstroke and much more. During training, we learn how to adapt on the spot and improvise with whatever materials and manpower we have. It is through these training sessions that our Scouts hone their on the ball thinking and also their mastery of first aid.



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