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Camp Development III Jihe

By Joash Cheng and Lucas Loh

This weekend, we continued brushing up on our camp development skills in the areas of both the basha as well as lashings.

For the Sec 3s, they were grouped into their 8 patrols and learnt to work together as one troop to build their patrol bashas. This is one way in which we exemplify the importance of knowing ourselves, with the PLs of the patrols being forced to get to know the ability of their patrol members, so as to best utilise the manpower.

This was also the a strong reminder of the importance of awareness, as building a Basha is no easy feat, requiring scouts to be spatially aware, self aware, as well as are of their own safety.

The Sec 2s, on the other hand, were tasked to improve on their shear lashings as it is an essential knot in many structures such as the flagpole and gateways. Through tying and retying, they perfected their technique for each wrap, each frap, getting to know the lashing with each pull in the right direction, with the right force so as to tie a shear lash that represented them putting the troop at the top. This is an essential value of Scouting at Catholic High, taking whatever means necessary to bring honor and glory for the troop, be it in the humble shear lash or in a pioneering project for a competition.

This art of lashing develops a inner composure, to seek excellence as the quality of one's knot is solely dependent on one's perseverance and effort. This, the a constant push towards tying the knot faster and tighter each time, is the pursuit of excellence and truly putting the troop at the top, no matter how tired we may be.

Finally, the Sec 1s were inducted first through a sharing and interaction with our GSL Mr Andrew Chua, giving them insight and purpose to their Scouting Journey. Afterward, they were taken through the theory of Camp Development, teaching them many basic but important understandings of building a campsite, in terms of placement and design. This is actually a way to train spatial awareness, allowing scouts to visualise the space and uses of a campsite, as well as understanding the importance of knowing their terrain.

Through Camp Development, we have brought out the hallmark troop values of putting the troop at the top, as well as knowing yourself.



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