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Building Strength for the Troop II: CCA Showcase 2020

By Siauw Yu Hern and Ryan Loh

Updated: 25 December 2021

Today was the annual CCA showcase to attract new Secondary 1s to join our Troop as Scouts. As APLs, we were put in-charge of planning and organising the Scouts booth. We were honoured to organise this event for the Troop as this was the hallmark event of the month, to build strength for the Troop so that we are able to have a strong unit and a good year ahead.

After our proposal was approved by the teachers, we got down to work. We soon found out that organising this event turned out to be a great opportunity to expose ourselves to a diverse range of scouting skills.

Under the guidance of Yu Chuan, our Venture, we made the bushcraft weapons to be used and shown on the day. They included – the Bow and Arrow, Blowpipe, Atlatl, Fishing Spear and Bola. A few of us also came back during Saturday to build a model campsite, gateway, and even a catapult under the guidance of the Ventures.

Putting the Troop before self is one of the most important core values of Catholic High scouting, so there were many times that we had to take out our own time to prepare for the showcase. With the cooperation of everyone and focus on putting the Troop at the top, we were very efficient and we completed all the gadgets in an hour and had the remaining time to clean and prepare trophies and awards.

Another scouting value we displayed was being prepared and adaptable to all situations. This was exemplified when we were suddenly relocated to the Computer lab from our initial location of Special Room 4B on the day of the showcase. Initially, our campsite and catapult were to be seen from Special Room 4B, but this was not possible at the computer lab. This, however, did not daunt us as we were confident that most of the school population would notice the massive gateway and appreciate the pristine campsite over the course of the next few days.

We improvised and we decided that we were not going to let the location weaken our showcase. Hence, we brought the catapult up and built it inside the computer lab. Of course, there would be no firing of the catapult given that its unextended height already touched the ceiling. Nevertheless, it was a good show of true scouting spirit of perseverance.

The entire event went smoothly afterwards and many Sec 1s enjoyed learning and using the various weapons made. Some of the seniors even managed to meet and catch up with some of the Cub Scout juniors. This was a show of what scouting is about and we hope we managed to encourage them to be adventurous and step out of their comfort zone to join and learn to lead.

Afterall, there is no better place to pursue scouting than at Catholic High Scout Group.



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