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Building Strength for the Troop I: QM Maintenance

By Wong Zheng Tat and Lucas Loh

Updated: 25 December 2021

In preparation for the Troop’s Birthday, we cleaned and upgraded our quartermaster stall. Being the largest quartermaster stall of any Scout Troop in Singapore, Catholic High Scout Troop has to constantly upgrade our quartermaster store to accommodate the influx of new equipment.

QM maintenance is almost ritualistic to us - a sacred and important process that not only is critical for the operations of the next scouting year, but also a service we pay to our equipment to give thanks for its service to us. This process of remembrance serves as a reminder never to take our resource endowments for granted - and to always put the Troop before ourselves.

This quartermaster upgrading session was the most ambitious session to date, where we rebuilt the entire wood rack out of construction-grade scaffolding poles to twice the amount of wood. This included expansion upwards to fit the new uncolored bases, as well as additional supports built for existing frames.

The rungs of the wood rack were also given a fresh coat of paint, giving it a clean and new look. We also consolidated and sorted all 600+ of our wood into the new wood rack. With an organised and effective quartermaster store, Catholic High Scout Troop is ready to soar to new heights in 2020.



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