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Games Jihe

By Siauw Yu Chuan

“Here, then, is Scouting in a nutshell: … A purposeful game, but a game just the same, a game that develops character by practice, that trains for citizenship--through experience in the out-of-doors” A quote from Baden Powell “Aids to Scoutmastership”.

"Scouting is a Game with a Purpose." Last Saturday, the scouts gathered for a day of games which put both their scouting skills and patrol spirit to the test. The scouts set out on a round Bishan treasure hunt, patrol challenges and ended off the day with our traditional 野战.

A treasure hunt is a test of creativity and wittiness. Being street smart is an important characteristic of a scout. To not only be self-aware but also sensitive to our surroundings. A true test of one’s observation skills.

Our patrol challenges include a set of 4 challenges ranging from commando crawl to sourgrape. A test of strength and unity of a patrol to overcome various obstacles and challenges. Lastly, our traditional 野战 ended the day with high spirits.

There is a lesson to every game in scouting, in fact scouting itself is designed as a miniature game of life. To subconsciously teach youths many life skills at a young age that will prepare them for the many life challenges ahead. The boys must learn to play the game of scouting, a game that develops character, resilience and team spirit. But most importantly this game guides our scouts to understand themselves and their obstacle.

所谓,“知彼知己者,百战不殆;不知彼而知己,一胜一负;不知彼,不知己,每战必殆。” 上战场时,要了解自己的长处和短处,要注意敌人的思想和举动,这样才能战胜生活中的个个挑战。

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