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Evaluating the Past and Moving Forward: Part I

By Lucas Loh and Tan Jen Kai

Since the founding of Catholic High Scout Group in 1948, masses of boys have had the opportunity to go through the training as a Catholic High Scout. This Scout Group has seen many enter as youthful boys and leave as men with wisdom, courage and benevolence as expressed in the troop motto, who continue to achieve excellence in their respective pursuits.

The 70th Anniversary Campfire marks a special point in Catholic High Scout Group’s history as we celebrate 70 years since our founding. It is a momentous occasion for past and present scouts to not only reflect on the last 70 years of history, but to envision and look forth towards a brighter future for the scout troop. The event serves as a testament to the prosperity and competence of our troop, commemorating the legacy and success of our Alumni and current Scouts.


In my capacity as Campfire Chairman, I played a critical role in orchestrating all the elements of the campfire together to ensure its smooth flow and success. Through my experience, I learnt how to tackle various challenges from the Campfire. Yet, this purpose was secondary to my main duty to the troop, that is to prepare and learn to serve as the next generation of Catholic High Scout Group Leaders to lead in the planning of the 90th Anniversary celebrations.


As a Vice Venture-Chairman and Campfire Vice-Chairman, my duty was to oversee and execute this large-scale project while assisting my Chairman in leading the scouts and ventures throughout the phase of planning and leading up to the Campfire. To me, this Campfire is just the start of my journey as a Venture Vice-Chairman to continue building on the legacy of this Scout Group, and to achieve success over mediocrity.


It may seem far-fetched to foresee the events 2 decades later, yet this is our duty to the troop just as our alumni Leaders today have come back to fulfill their 20-year promise.

Such deliberate and long-term planning is encapsulated in our Venture motto, 深谋远虑, and this is how Catholic High Scout Group builds legacies and success that lasts.

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