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NPC Award Ceremony @ CHS

By Lim Ni Ler and Lucas Loh

On 28 November last year, we sent several scouts to the National Partol Challenge (NPC), obtaining the Best Patrol title in this pinnacle scouting competition. This was our 5th victory in the 10 editions of NPC. 8 months on, on the 26th of July, we were finally presented the Challenge Plaque at Catholic High School.

The NPC team consisted of: Jann Lim, Joash Cheng, Damien Kang, Wong Zheng Tat, Lim Ni Ler, Ryan Loh, Siauw Yu Hern, and Seah Zhang Qi.

Looking back, the team had fought very hard to put the troop at the top, to earned this well-deserved glory. Countless of hours were spent training ourselves to hone our awareness and discipline. The trainings varied each time, ranging from the more significant campsite development, down to the details of every design, every knot, and every piece of decoration. We even acquired the skill of countering the rain, conquering the opponents' psychology, reading the weather and the terrain.

During the competition, the Team demonstrated altruistic sportsmanship, giving our best for our troop. While certain events did not go as planned and we had to adapt to the situation. We managed to stay on top of our game and help others along the way, sending our manpower to other units that needed help. We were so far ahead of our competition that our PL and APL were selected to lead in the design and completion of the Area Gateway, showing that we are the true leading of South area. Not only that, we were so professional that we were selected to help clean the Area toilets, so that the other units did not have to delegate manpower to do so given that they were behind time.

Nevertheless, my team coped remarkably with the extra tasks being bombarded at us, maintaining our excellent standards. Facing it with confidence and determination, we knew we were well trained for all unforeseen circumstances to fight any unfair battles.

At long last, 8 months since NPC, our troop was finally presented its long-awaited well-deserved glory, by our Chief Commissioner, Mr Antong Shahrudin, to our principal, Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen.

We were also graced by the presences of our Camp Chief, Happy Dolphin, and our GSL, Mr Andrew Chua.

We are proud to have brought glory to our troop, to put it at the top and show the world the excellence of Catholic High scouting.


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