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By Siauw Yu Chuan

On 20th July, the scouts went through a session on the construction of anchorages. Anchorages and pulley systems are essential to build pioneering structures of greater scale and complexity.

Single Picket Holdfast is used to take a load of 700 pounds. A simple and fast anchorage used to anchor bridges and structures that take less live load.

3-2-1 Anchor is a more complex version of the Picket holdfast. It can withstand the strain of 2 tons

Log and Picket is able to hold a greater load compared to the 3-2-1 anchor. Used for rope suspension bridges and Drawbridges.

Deadmans Anchor is the safest although it takes the most work to construct. It requires a log to be buried around 3 feet deep into the ground fastened with a rope that leads to the load.

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