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Pioneering Jihe (Tower-Building)

By Lucas Loh

On 14th July, the troop started the first of a series of Jihes on pioneering training. Pioneering is an important skill even today as it trains scouts in the skill of awareness, as in awareness of self, awareness of resources and awareness of space. It is also good training for scouts to learn how to work in a well-disciplined team.

The objective of the day was for each patrol to erect a tripod tower under the instruction and guidance of a Venture.

The patrols first learnt awareness of resources as they were taught on the criteria for pole selection, such as the presence of cracks and the density of the pole. They were also taught how to use the bases appropriately in a structure, with yellow bases at the bottom and blue bases at the top. Besides selection of poles, selection of ropes was also important as scouts had to use the right thickness and quality of rope for the right thickness of pole, ensuring their rope was not frayed in order to tie tight square and shear lashes.

The patrols then learnt awareness of self, through working with each other. The PL had to give decisive and clear instructions to his juniors to execute, ensuring that they were able to accomplish whatever they had been instructed to do. The scouts themselves also had to know their own capability through tying of knots and working on the structure by using their combined strength to erect the tower.

Last but not least, the patrols learnt awareness of space by working with the tower, be it through tying ladder rungs at appropriate intervals, working with the geometry of the tripod tower, or erecting the structure in the limited area.

The Ventures served the important role of teaching the scouts the necessary skills as well as ensuring the safety of their juniors throughout the whole process.

The Jihe was a success with all 6 towers successfully erected.

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