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The Next Level of Precision

What does it mean to be precise and accurate?

To achieve precision and accuracy requires a keen awareness of oneself and the environment.

Self-awareness goes beyond knowing ones likes and dislikes, it involves ability to gain control your own subconscious mind in order to modify your behavior. Mindset drives behavior, every action has its purpose. The subconscious mind is the one that drives our motivation in life. A scout must be aware of simple things such as how he walks, how he stands to how he thinks and reacts.

Environmental awareness can only be achieved when a scout keeps all his senses engaged. Kims game is an example of how environmental awareness can be tra

ined in ones scouting journey. But the ability to recognize and distinguish tastes, sounds, smells and touch, to observation skills and photographic memory goes beyond Kims game. It trains a scout to remain alert of his daily life, to be able to recognize threats and nonverbal cues.

All these skills are versatile and allows one to gain a mastery of self. Success in every aspect of life can be achieved. The mind of an archer, a pianist and a warrior operates in the subconscious mind. Because the subconscious mind is already attuned to ones senses, small details like the sound of an arrow hitting a target board, the touch of keys of the piano and the movement of a weapon has been amplified in his mind and has become muscle memory. The repetition of such actions becomes second nature and precision is achieved

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