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NPC Reports and Notes now available online

By Siauw Yu Chuan

The documentation in our reports describe the tangible aspect of scouting skills. However, to achieve the highest standard, one has to incorporate the intangibles during training. These included:

1) Responsibilities towards self, troop and community;

2) Self-Reliance to build sense of awareness and enhancing self-experiential learning;

3) Pursuit of happiness and achievement through overcoming challenges and obstacles;

4) Exploration of physical, mental and emotional limits; and

5) Service to troop by passing on valuable experiences and maintenance of value system as exemplified in the Scout Law and Promise.

The “Form” (final product) as described in the reports is just an empty shell without sense of Responsibilities, Self-Reliance, Pursuit, Exploration and Service. Fulfilling them in training will automatically inculcate loyalty, safety and continual strive for excellence. For instance, the quality (compactness, tightness and tidiness) of a simple square lash will be an immediate reflection of the level of discipline, sense of pride and excellence in a scout.

Feel free to download our reports for reference or training purposes. We hope to contribute to the scouting standards in Singapore to make scouting an enriching journey.

If you cannot view the files above, please use the link below instead:

If files are no longer accessible, please request for it using the media request form at

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