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2019 South Area Orienteering Competition

By Lucas Loh

Today, our troop took part in the 2019 South Area Orienteering Competition. A total of 5 teams from the Scouts unit and another 5 teams from the Ventures unit took part, and they have managed to bring glory to our troop.

For the Scouts Unit, we have 1 team achieving Gold, 3 achieving Silver and 1 Bronze.

For the Ventures unit, we have 1 team achieving Full Marks, 3 achieving Gold and one team achieving Bronze for the whole competition.

This competition is a testament to our spirit of excellence, with Gold award being our modal standard.

Precision and accuracy is one aspect of our training that trains our scouts to this standard of excellence. In the competition, teams had to find the exact lamp post / button demarcated on the map and this can only be done if they could navigate find the exact location with minimal room for error.

Our scouts are also trained to be efficient, to be able to reach their checkpoints in the most effective way while minimising distance traveled. This allowed them cover all the checkpoints in the limited time.

Our scouts are trained to be highly aware. Awareness of self allows them to most effectively strategise accordingly to their ability. Awareness of environment allows them to orientate themselves quickly even in closed terrain and find the shortest route to the checkpoint.

Finally, these scouts have put our troop at the top by bringing glory to our troop and putting in their best effort.



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