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Archery Course

By Ryan Lim

The scouts gathered today for a Bare Bow archery course. The scouts arrived in the morning eager and excited. To many, this would be their first time shooting a bow. The course started with a brief theory session. They were then grouped into 4 details, each taking turns to have a shot. While each detail had their turn, Course Instructors, led by NROC Mastercoach Michelle Yip, guided the scouts. They patiently corrected each of our mistakes, helping us to shoot with greater accuracy each time.

As the day progressed and the scouts became more proficient in handling the bow, a mini Inter-patrol Challenge was organised. The last activity planned for the scouts was to hit a balloon pinned to the target board. Cheers could be heard as each detail took their shot at the balloons. A satisfying 'Bang' could be heard every time an arrow hit its mark. This marked the end to an eye-opening opportunity for the scouts.

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