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South Area Scout and Venture Field Day 2018

By Alex Chien and Tan Jen Kai

This morning, the scouts unit partook in the annual South Area Scout and Venture Field Day. The scouts were filled with both anticipation and anxiety, but were all set on winning the overall championship. After reaching Queenstown Secondary School, the scouts were briefed at the canteen before proceeding to the respective venues. The Captain's Ball team assembled at the basketball court, ready to face opponents from the 10 other units. Although the team faced a minor hiccup in the first match, they quickly regained their foothold and outplayed the next 3 teams to earn a spot in the semi-finals. The Football team gathered at the soccer field and kept their cool to secure a draw in their first match. Having warmed up, they won with a score of 2-0 in the next match, scoring 2 spectacular goals within 15 minutes and ties in the next few fixtures. Lastly, across the soccer field was the Frisbee Team, who had trained hard for this competition. They managed to attain a score of 4-0 and 6-0 in the first 2 matches and ties in the subsequent matches. In the end, the scouts exhibited a good sense of sportsmanship and displayed a tenacious fighting spirit, achieving 3rd place overall. While the championship went to Beatty Secondary School, the scouts were contented with their achievements and forged closer bonds with each other.

Captain Ball - 3rd

Football - 4th

Frisbee - 3rd

Overall - 3rd

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