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NPC X - First Meeting

By Lucas Loh

The NPC team at 9am today to receive the teams from Peirce and Mayflower. The objective of today was to get the teams to know themselves, know each other and know their ability as one team.

The day started off with Icebreakers, by first introducing their names and one thing that about themselves. The teams were then mixed to form three patrols, and they had to work together to overcome challenges given to them. After the games, the teams got to know themselves.

To better understand each other, they were put through a VOJ challenge obstacle course where teams were given challenges and had to learn to work with each other across different troop cultures and mentalities. One station was a bucket filled with rope placed in the middle of a circle with 3m radius. Teams had to retrieve the rope from the bucket without stepping into the circle and using only 1 3m bamboo stick and 2 ropes.

The patrols were dissolved and were given 4 hours to build both a model campsite and a suspension bridge. We managed to accomplish this, as one cluster, despite it being our first meeting.

On the overall, the session was a very fruitful one as it motivated the whole cluster team, knowing that in the short span of 4 hours, we were able to complete a model campsite and a drawbridge. It achieved the objectives, which was to let the scouts know themselves, know each other, and know what they could achieve as one cluster team.

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