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By Siauw Yu Hern

Updated: 31 December 2021

Our Troop gathered on 23 January 2021, the Saturday closest to our Troop’s birthday on 24 January to celebrate 团庆. This year, we celebrated our 73rd anniversary. As a strongly united group, the COVID-19 pandemic did not deter us, we entered the school with a sense of pride and fulfilment ready to start anew. It was the day that signified the passing of the baton to the next batch of leaders who will lead the Troop to greater heights.

Celebrating 2020

Due to the pandemic, there were lots of restrictions such as not being able to have large-scale activities. Despite that, the year 2020 was not a wasted one. Through technology, we had surpassed the challenges and still conducted our training virtually. Regardless of any challenges that we faced, Catholic High Scout Group managed to overcome all of them, emerging stronger than before.

While there were no competitions amidst the pandemic, our achievements still grew. The year boasted one of our highest intakes of President Scouts, a prestigious achievement which is the pinnacle of the Venture scouting journey. As a Troop with a long history of President Scouts, the achievements of our Ventures brought glory and pride to the Troop.

Outside scouting, our Troop has also shown our proficiency in all walks of life, with Ventures achieving the Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence. Our Scouts similarly achieved excellence, attaining awards in the Scouting from Home Challenge by the Singapore Scout Association, where 13 Scouts were awarded certificates signed by the National Communications Commissioner with one Scout going above and beyond to attain the National Top 10, having his certificate signed by the Chief Commissioner, as well as Trek Badge Design Competition by South Area. We asserted our dominance not only in our hard skills but our soft skills as well. The Troop gathered on this day to celebrate our success in 2020.

Adapting to change

Unlike previous years, we were split into 2 shifts with 4 Patrols each to reduce intermingling. However, this divide did not hamper our high spirits, we were able to hold our heads high with pride throughout the event. With implementation of online resources, our Venture unit created an efficient way to bring the scouting experience online using google drive. From reference notes to submission of documents, everything could be completed with no difficulty.


Afterwards, the Cub Scouts from the primary section joined us for celebration. We hosted games including building a mini-tower using straws and solving river crossing puzzles. These games forged bonds within our Troop, Scouts and Cub Scouts were able to foster our group's unity. Not only that, the games exercised our creativity and problem solving skills, essential values to scouting. Most importantly, it was a fun activity for everyone during the joyous celebration.

After the fun games, we took a Troop photograph and proceeded with our traditional cake-cutting ceremony. To end off the day, the second shift gathered for 降旗 led by our 2020 SPL Zhang Qi. The lowering of the flag concluded our scouting journey in 2020, bringing forth another year of excellence in 2021. With a resounding shout of “公教” during BERSURAI, we welcomed our upcoming year as a Troop with pride



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