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March Camp 2023

Written by Tan Jen Yih, Edited by Jaydon Tay

16 March 2023 marked the start of the Troops' 3-Day-2-Night March Camp, where the Scouts would be challenged as individuals while allowing for bonding amongst the new Patrols of 2023.

Day 1

The camp started off with a lesson on bag-packing and inspection to set the proper standards for the Scouts to follow, followed by the construction of their campsite. They then moved on to play Patrol-bonding games, where the new Patrols could get to know one another better and build their Patrol spirit.

To end the day off, the Scouts had a leadership lesson conducted by our Scout Leaders before eating supper and turning in for the night.

Day 2

Upon finishing inspection in the morning, the Secondary 2 and 3 Scouts set off for their Patrol hike of around 24km. Although the journey was long with the Sun beating down on their backs, everyone persevered while continuously motivating and pushing one another forward. In the end, many Patrols finished the hike way before the stipulated cut-off time.

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As they were still relatively new, the Secondary 1 Scouts stayed in school to learn critical scouting skills such as lashings and orienteering through theory lessons. They then consolidated their learning through hands-on activities like building a ladder and orienteering games to help them with their navigational skills.

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In the evening, the Scouts got ready for the Inter-Patrol Stove Cooking Competition. The Patrols were tasked to cook creative and delectable dishes to be judged by the ingredients they were provided and those they brought to camp. Ultimately, the Patrols impressed the judges with their unique cooking methods, the presentation of their dishes, and the amazing taste of their food.

After dinner, the Scouts played Night Games which challenged their codebreaking and deduction skills, ensuring that they would have to work together within their Patrols to succeed.

Day 3

Upon daybreak, the Scouts tore down their campsite as it was the final day of the camp. Then they went through a series of Situational Response Initiative Test (SRIT) stations to challenge their leadership, teamwork and communication skills along with their scouting skills.

After a Troop debrief on their overall performance during camp, the prize presentation for the Best Patrol of March Camp 2023 commenced. Winning by a slight margin is Shark Patrol! Congratulations to Shark Patrol for being crowned the Best Patrol!

Building Strength as a Group

Throughout the camp, the Scouts built trust between each other and as a Patrol. The fiery competition drove them to greater heights while the inter-Patrol camaraderie remained in the face of gruelling challenges that everyone had to face together. As the year progresses, the intensity of training will only get tougher but as long as the strong bonds between the Scouts remain, they will be able to overcome any obstacle, be it in their daily lives or as a Troop.



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