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Camp Development I Jihe

By Yu Chuan and Joash Ho

In preparation for future camps, the troop started the term with a training session on gadget construction.

The troop was split into the 8 patrols to learn the basics of gadget building from knot to structure. Each Patrol was mentored by a venture and was taught the do and do not when constructing gadgets. To put what they learn into practice, the patrols were tasked to build 3 essential gadget types, Clothesline, Shoe rack and the Quartermaster Rack based on past year NPC designs.

The Scouts worked under the watchful eye of the ventures to ensure mistakes were pointed out and corrected. This ensured that the gadgets were built to high precision and stability to set a good example of what the Scouts should aim to build during the camps.

The newly joined Secondary ones were taught the basics of knotting. Small group training under timed conditions guaranteed that the basics of knotting were instilled. This thoroughly prepared them for building gadgets and structures when they join their new patrols.

After an insightful and enriching session on gadgets, the troop was treated to scouting station games with our new secondary one recruits. This was in spite of the COVID-19 situation as our troop was adaptable and managed to plan around the new restrictions in place.

The station games aimed to train scouts to use their Scouting knowledge to complement their problem-solving skills. The station games included high altitude retrieval while other stations were communication-based to allow scouts to realize the importance of working as a team. This gave the scouts space to innovate and develop their ideas to come up with ways to clear the station.

The enriching day of activities ended with our flag lowering ceremony and the troop being evermore prepared for the things to come.

This troop meeting enforced the importance of foundational skills. The mastery of foundational skills is the key to improvement and progress in any aspect of our lives. But what does it mean to attain mastery of a foundational skill?

To our troop, mastery of knots tangibly means:

Being able to tie a perfect square lash under a minute.

Being able to tie all basic and advanced knots blindfolded.

Understanding that one knot can have a multitude of applications.

And most importantly taking pride in every knot that you tie.

This can be achieved by inculcating the mindset of 自我超越 (mastery of self) and 自强不息 (continuous self-improvement). Every Catholic High Scout knows that they expected to be better, faster and more efficient that any other scout. Hence, this mindset needs to be inculcated early on in their development in Scouting. Ventures and seniors must prove to their scouts that the impossible can be achieved, so that the scouts believe that the impossible is tangible and this motivates juniors to do their best.

This meeting is not only a lesson for scouts but also a lesson for ventures.

Scouts learn the importance of a strong foundation.

Ventures learn what it means to set a good example.



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